• 5″ LCD
  • Screen resolution: 800 x 480
  • 7 metre power lead included
  • Caravan camera of your choice
  • Can add a car camera (extra $100.00)
  • Comes with proper caravan / trailer connector leads
  • Comes with all the cabling required to fit to your car and caravan
  • Can be wired up as reverse only or constant vision
  • 12 – 24 Volt
  • Removable sunshade
  • Comes with dash mount
  • Suction mount available as an extra
  • 2 camera inputs


No more backing into things with a Polaris Caravan reversing camera.

A Polaris caravan reversing camera not only makes reversing a breeze but it ensures that you can see clearly behind your vehicle when reversing.

Believe it or not but 11% of accidents involve collision while reversing. Most of the time this is due to poor visibility and miscalculation (Budgetdirect.com.au| 2018). The more vehicles fitted with reverse cameras| the more chance that this figure will drop.

Not only that but a reverse camera could potentially save a life or prevent injury. Surprisingly| three accidents occur involving children in home driveways every week (A parent’s guide to kidsafe roads| 2016).

What kind of vehicles will the 5″ caravan reversing camera kit suit?

We recommend this particular kit for customers that want a reverse camera on the rear of a caravan| horse float| camper trailer or slide on camper.

How big is the screen in the 5″ Caravan reversing camera kit?

The actual screen size is 5” and the monitor dimensions are: 14.2cm (W) x 9.8cm (H) x 2.5cm (D)

Sunshade depth: 5.5cm

How does the monitor mount?

The 5″ caravan reversing camera kit comes with a dash mounting bracket. There is no drilling required to mount the monitor| it simply adheres with 3m double sided tape. 

How many inputs does the 5″ Caravan reversing camera system have?

The 5″ caravan reversing camera system has 2 camera inputs. It is possible to have 3 or 4 cameras when paired with suitable control boxes.

Can i add a reverse camera on my car?

Yes you certainly can. It is an extra $100.00 to add a car camera. Just select your desired camera from the car camera option and the price will adjust accordingly. If you don’t want a car camera| then leave the option as ‘no car camera required’  and the price will stay at $399.00 in checkout.

How much cable does this kit come with?

The 5″ Caravan Reversing Camera System comes with 4 lots of cables:

7 metre power cable – runs throughout the car.

2 metre car side WOZA cable – plugs into the 7 metre power cable and has a chrome socket on the other end that mounts on the back of the car.

2.5 metre coil cable -curly cord sits between car and caravan

10 metre caravan WOZA cable – Has a chrome socket on one end that mounts on the A frame and runs right to the end of the caravan where the caravan camera plugs into.

What is a WOZA Kit and why do i need it?

A WOZA kit is just another name for a Suzi coil kit. Think of the WOZA kit as an extension cable but it is broken up into 3 pieces so it can be installed into a car and trailer.


We do not recommend normal extension cables to run from the car to the caravan as these cables are neither waterproof nor are they designed to be continuously unplugged.

Where do you normally mount the monitor?

We will normally fit this monitor on the right hand side of the dash near the driver if there is enough room. Otherwise it will go into the centre pointing towards the driver.

Can this monitor run all the time| not just in reverse?

Yes this is an option if you require. Just make sure whoever is installing it wires the power wires up to accessories power.

Can I use the Caravan Reverse Camera kit as a rear vision system?

You can wire the system to work all the time so you can use it as a rear vision system. However the camera has a 120 degree wide angle which means that it isn’t ideal for long distance viewing or good depth perception.

That’s not to say that this camera cannot be used as a rear vision system.  A lot of our past customers have simply gotten used to judging the distance from experience.

To give you an example lets say you are driving along and you see a car behind you in the monitor. Because of the wide angle lens| the car may look quite a distance away when in reality the car is actually quite close. This is the type of distance that you will need to get used to in order to make a judgement as to roughly how far behind you the car is.

If you want more of a true rear vision camera| then we suggest installing our dual camera. It comes with a 120 degree angle lens which is ideal for reversing and a 45 degree angle lens for long distance viewing:

Can this monitor come on only when in reverse?

Yes| just make sure whoever is installing it wires the power up to the reversing lights.

Can I see this monitor in the sun?

The 5″ caravan reversing camera kit has a sunshade built into the screen to limit the amount of glare that will obstruct the visibility of the screen. In saying this| there will be different times of the day that might affect the visibility of the screen that cannot be avoided. However| there are some visual settings such as| brightness| colour and contrast that can be adjusted to suit different lighting conditions.

I already have a camera on the back of my caravan| can I just buy a monitor?

We get asked this question a lot and the simple answer is if you have a Polaris camera on the back of your caravan| then yes you will have no trouble buying a monitor and parts to get your caravan camera working.

However| if it isn’t a Polaris camera then you will need to ask your caravan manufacturer what brand of camera they supply? If we know what brand of camera it is| we can most likely help you blend the camera to work with our system.

Unfortunately we all do not use the same wiring configuration so it is not a simple plug and play option.

I am buying a caravan and I want a Polaris camera| can I ask them to install your system?

Yes certainly| most caravan manufacturers are more than happy to comply with your request. Some might charge a small fee to run the cabling and mount the camera but it is definitely worth it to get this part installed while your caravan is being built.

Is this system 12 or 24 volt?

The 5″ caravan reversing camera kit will suit both 12 and 24 volt as it has a reducer built into the monitor.

Can I install this system myself?

The system itself is not very complicated. However| we wouldn’t recommend attempting to install the caravan part| perhaps leave that to a professional.

It is completely up to you though and It’s just a matter of knowing where to run the cables| pulling your dash/trim apart and finding power. If you feel like this is something you would be confident in| then yes you could install itself. 

Where would you normally run the cabling in the caravan?

Our guys will usually run the wiring through cupboards at the back of the caravan| come out underneath and then run the cabling underneath the chassis.

How much warranty comes with this kit?

You have 2 years warranty so you can be rest assured that you have chosen a product with the support to back it.

Do you really test all your products before they are dispatched?

Yes 100%. Even though we are a small team| we want to make sure that you get a working product at your doorstep.


In The Box

  • 5” HD monitor
  • 7 metre power cable
  • Caravan Camera
  • Professional caravan/trailer cable kit (WOZA kit)
  • Remote Control
  • Dash Mount

If you have added a car camera then this will also come in the box

SKU ReverseVan-29
Brand Polaris
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg

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