When the journey is just as important as the destination, don’t let contaminants stop you in your tracks. Donaldson is the trusted filtration brand for off-road enthusiasts. For over 100 years, Donaldson has been developing leading filtration technology that performs under the most demanding conditions.

Thier heavy-duty filters capture abrasive particles and contaminants that lead to premature wear and failure of critical engine components. If you’re devoted to pursuing serious off-road adventures, demand Donaldson filtration to keep you on track and out of the workshop.

The Donaldson PowerCore 4x4 air cleaner housing and filter kit delivers quality, reliable filtration and support, even for the toughest off road adventures. The XLC200K air cleaner is designed for Toyota® LandCruiser® 200 Series diesel engines, the robust compact replacement airbox is equipped with everything you need to protect your vehicle from contaminants that can cause damage to your engine.

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