• Model: 4WD Extreme Heavy Duty System
  • Product Code: 4WDXHDSFK
  • Description: CouplerTec Electronic Rustproofing System 12V - Six Capacitive Couplers

The 4WD Extreme Heavy Duty System offers the ultimate in protection. Specifically designed to protect Four Wheel Drive vehicles used by Surf Life Saving Clubs and Professional Fisherman| it will dramatically reduce corrosion on Four Wheel Drive vehicles which are exposed to *CONSTANT use within highly corrosive environments such as; driving on salted roads or beaches. This system may also benefit older 4WD vehicles that are suffering from minor existing rust problems. But remember| as good as this product is| it is not a miracle cure for badly rusted vehicles| as the more rust a vehicle has| the harder it is to stop. (*Daily use)

How It Works

CouplerTec’s Patented Technology interferes with the electrical charge between Iron and Oxygen so it becomes hard for them to combine to form rust. In other words| it interferes with the metals ability to react with Oxygen.

We achieve this by creating a negative (-) electrostatic surface charge on the metal surface of the vehicle. The (-) Oxygen atom is repelled by the (-) electrostatic surface charge.

Product Features

  • 10 Year Corrosion Warranty (conditions apply)
  • Protects 100% of the vehicles metal surface| inside and out. Any metal component that is insulated from earth is not protected
  • Protects parts that rustproofing sprays and coatings cannot reach.
  • Helps stop paint from oxidizing and keeps the paintwork looking like new.
  • Prevents rust damage caused by stone chips and scratches in the paintwork.
  • Systems are transferable from vehicle to vehicle.
  • Once only low cost investment.
  • Reduces maintenance costs associated with corrosion.
  • Will slow existing corrosion.
  • Helps to retain strong resale value.
  • Environmentally friendly (no need for toxic sprays or coatings)
Brand Couplertec
Shipping Weight 5.0000kg

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